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  • Juliet! (The Gov')

    Hello! I’m Juliet and I own Fancy Nancy. An established cake boutique based in Leigh on Sea, Essex. Together with my fab team at our shop I love to make exciting, innovative and fresh cake and cookie designs that taste as good as they look.



    Dad is a legend; he does the washing up, tidies the place, looks after the opening and closing and generally tries to keep away from Mum at my shop!


    I LOVE Ali long time! She is an amazingly stylish wonder, Ali has been around the block, and back, and is still making her way to her next creative destination. She has a huge talent for window dressing and her artistic flair is legendry. With past experience of dressing the best windows in the world, I am lucky to have Ali, a local Mum to titivate and show off all our wares. That’s why we have won the best window award for two years running!


    Olivia is my first ever work experience girly. She came to us almost 2 years ago and was as quiet as can be, but now thanks to our raucous shenanigans at fancy Nancy she is most definitely one of the team and works on all elements of our cakes from start to finish. Plus she looks after my kids and they ask me to go out just so they can have her babysit!



    Our very own ‘only way is Essex ‘babe!’. Sam helps at the shop and makes all our customers welcome, and is wonderful and keeping my unruly chaotic mess in check. Sam is great in a cake crisis and often rushes about supporting us at venues. She’s a diamond!


    Tara works in the shop and brings peace and tranquillity to our otherwise chaotic sugary world. She is the most patient person I have met and her laid back, but professional manor, is a winner at Fancy Nancy!

    Hannah Tomlinson Roe

    One of our stand out work experience gals, our Prima ballerina Hannah is a dab hand at Cake Pops, cookies and cakes, when she’s not pirouetting, and works very hard. Still at school but happy to drop in when our workload is mega during the hols!

    Mother In-Law - Big Lydia!

    Being that most of the team are all creative types there’s not much talent to take care of the finances. Luckily, the mother in law is a dab hand at the accounts and spends hours organising receipts, excel spreadsheets and all that stuff that I find a little bit boring. (.... and it only costs a few cakes and lattes!)


    I met Christine Lee of BooLeeScrumtious years ago when we worked together and she trained me, she is my Obi Wan! My best cake partner in crime (we like to call ourselves Crumb and Crumber.....maybe you have to be there). Chris does freelance work at Fancy Nancy when the going gets tough.

    Little Lydia

    Wonderful Lydia, my mini me, Lydia works at FN on Saturdays and in the hols, she is great at caking and the BEST at customer service she is a people person, a brilliant addition to the team!

    Daniel P Carter

    We love working with Daniel P Carter at Fancy Nancy- freelance artist and cakey sculpture model maker extraordinaire, reaching the parts I could never reach when it comes to cake art - incredible!


    Lola, lovely daughter of Ali, we liked Ali so much we thought we'd have her offspring as well! When not at Art school Lola is here busy and a master of buttercreams.


    I love showing ‘young people’ all about making cakes. There’s a big trend for baking nowadays and we have tons of local kids in for their work experience at school. We let them loose on some elements of our production and teach them all about the cake world. I’ve met some gems in our time since opening Fancy Nancy and the goodun’s often get part time jobs. I also offer internships and have recently welcomed Dilek from Germany to work with us for 6 months. There’s a waiting list as its apparently one of the most ‘way fun’ jobs to do for work experience....beats shredding paper or sweeping up all day. Are they mad!?

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