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    Introducing Fancy Nancy’s simple wedding cake collection...

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    Cake Flavours

    Choose from one of our delicious flavours, including Vanilla, Chocolate and Fruit, all hand baked on site using Fancy Nancy recipes. Click here for more info on our flavours

    Cake Coverings

    Wedding cakes are covered in marzipan and sugar paste, but can be made without marzipan if you prefer. Chocolate creations are all covered and decorated in Belgian chocolate without marzipan.

    Design Service

    Choose from any of my cake designs, there are lots of different styles to choose from. I f you like them as they are then perfect! Or if you wish they can be changed and tweaked to fit your theme, for example, change the base colour or switch different design elements around.

    Create your own

    If you would like me to create a brand new design for your event, pop along armed much inspiration material as possible including colour swatches, fabrics, dress designs, flower info, patterns, pictures etc etc to help me to get a feel for your style and likes so I can create you to design that would be perfect for your reception.

    Email or call to book a tasting appointment at the shop. Consultations are for two, we are limited for space, if you do wish to bring anyone else along please tell us when you call.

    If you don’t require a consultation but would like to sample the cake flavours, we’ll post your cake samples to you on a UK recorded next day delivery, charged at £15 for a box of all our samples which is refunded off the cost of your wedding cake should you decide to proceed with our order.

    Allergies and Special Dietary Requirements


    Although none of the Fancy Nancy recipes contain nuts as an ingredient, we do use nuts at the shop. The wedding cakes are covered in Marzipan and icing but if you let me know we can of course omit the marzipan. Please note we cannot guarantee that the ingredients that we use have not been contaminated at source and because we use marzipan and other nuts to top our cupcakes we cannot guarantee that there will be no trace of nuts.

    Gluten free

    Choose from fruitcake, chocolate truffle torte and carrot cake as gluten free options


    We use a lovely chocolate recipe for vegan cupcakes and wedding cake.


    Alcohol is often in the process of decorating cakes and also some recipes do include alcohol but we can substitute these if need be. Just let us know if you need us to do this at the time of enquiry for a consultation please!

    Lead Times

    It gets pretty crazy during peak wedding season and also at Christmas……it’s recommended to give a minimum of 3 months notice if you can when ordering bespoke wedding and civil ceremony cakes. Celebration cakes like birthday and anniversary cakes can be ordered at shorter notice although it is best to arrange this at least 3 weeks before your event.

    However, depending on our production schedule, we can sometimes accept orders at shorter notice. It’s worth asking! We do have a range of ‘house’ celebration cakes that can be collected from our shop at shorter notice. Also our new special range of Fancy Favourites (Link to mail order) can be ordered subject to our production schedule.

    Collection & Delivery

    Free delivery within 20 miles of the shop
    All our cakes are packaged carefully for delivery or collection transportation. They can be collected from our shop in Leigh or they can be delivered free to venues within a 20 mile radius of the shop. We can deliver outside this area. If you require us to set up your cake in central London for example, this is charged at £85.

    Once cake orders are collected, the full responsibility for its safety is with you and Fancy Nancy are not responsible for any damage to your cake once it has left the shop. We will ensure your cake is secure and well packaged and provide you with full instructions for any assembly (most of our designs come completely assembled and ready to be placed straight onto your cake table) and storage but we can’t guarantee the state of the roads or the quality of the driver!

    Wedding Insurance

    Unfortunately the possibility also exists that we may be unable to deliver your cake due to unforeseen circumstances like adverse or freak weather conditions that may make your venue inaccessible. Also severe traffic problems can arise occasionally. We strongly recommend that you purchase wedding insurance to cover yourself for this possible eventuality.

    Cakes decorated with fresh flowers

    I love using fresh flowers to decorate cakes they look gorgeous! If your cake design requires fresh flowers, your florist will supply these. We can liaise directly with your florist regarding the specific floral requirements and we can decorate the cake with the flowers on site if required. However, some flowers are not suitable for use as a cake decoration. Ask your florist for details regarding toxicity. We cannot be liable for any contamination to our food product that may arise from their misuse.

    Cakes decorated with non-edible materials

    The use of non-edible materials for cake decoration a very popular choice for some designs. Please note that the ‘craft jewels’ and accessories such as brooches, ribbons, silk flowers, diamantes, beads, feathers, etc. that are used to decorate some of our cakes are not edible and must be removed from your cake before serving. Any decorative gems and accessories such as these are only used at the clients request and Fancy Nancy accepts no responsibility for any physical harm that may arise from their use.

    You can borrow a Glass or Perspex stand

    Most of our cakes come on ready iced sugar stands, some of our designs include glass or Perspex stands and we can supply all of the stands for our wedding cakes. A cheque deposit of £150 is required. This is held in your file until the stand is returned to us. Stands must be returned within 5 days.

    ‘Save the date’ Booking Form

    Download our printable form docname.pdf (1.1MB)

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