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    Floral Piped cupcakes

    Fancy Nancy Cupcake Decorating – Saturday 3rd August 2013
    Special Introductory Price of £45.00 pp !!

    Come and learn how to make delicious frostings and decorate your cupcakes in several ways.
    During the day we will cover many types of cupcake styles including buttercream frosting for different effects, how to cover with chocolate ganache and also sugar fondant. We will also show how to make vintage inspired sugarpaste cupcakes.
    Tea and coffee is provided free of charge and of course there’s plenty of cake!
    We find that students all work at different paces so we will try to help each person as we go, this class is aimed at a basic level, for keen bakers that want to improve the finish and quality of their homemade cakes.

    Arrive at Fancy Nancy for 11.00 am

    We will start with the basics and go over different types of coatings that we like to use in Fancy Nancy. The morning will be spent trying out different effects for covering the cupcakes, and you will be given a mix of flavours.

    LUNCH – at some point when we want to break from the cake fun

    We will provide a light lunch for you or alternatively if you prefer you may bring your own or pop out to one of the local cafes or restaurants. NB. If you have specific dietary requirements please let us know.

    Commence the decorating for the afternoon and finish the class around 3pm.

    We will continue working with different nozzles for piping skills, also having a go at making basic sugar and chocolate flowers, using simple cutters and also moulds.

    During this class you will learn many skills and will take home a box of 12 cupcakes.

    We will teach you top tips on piping with all the frostings and will be able to answer all of your cakey/bakey questions and help you with any problems you may encounter to help improve your skills.

    Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

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