Health Scams and How to Spot Them

Health Scams and How to Spot Them

In addition to wasting your hard earned money, health scams may also result in serious health concerns.

More often than not, these type of scams make unrealistic claims in regards to treating or curing:

Poor sex drive

Loss of memory


Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart ailments, arthritis or Alzheimer’s

As a senior, you need to be aware of:

Products that are a one-stop shop

Normally, these type of products claim to treat variousconditions or diseases. For instance, a company may market their product sayingit can effectively cure brain atrophy, kidney dysfunction, senile dementia,depression, gangrene, etc. to the public. However, often such claims are nomore than just a hype in order to increase the value of their product in themarket. Find supplement plan quotes at

Products using personal, or vague testimonials

Testimonials that are non-specific such as “It completelytreated my arthritis pain” can be easily identified as fake since you actuallycannot verify any of such claims. Products which claim to offer a miracle or overnight cure

You must have already seen products which claim “shed 1 pound each day,” however the fact is that not many disorders can be cured rapidly. As per the Food and Drug Administration, you must stay alert if you see or hear any of these claims:

Scientific breakthrough

Secret or Unknown ingredient

New discovery

Obviously, if an effective cure for diseases like Alzheimer’s or cancer was discovered by the scientists, all major media houses across the globe would have reported it. Not to mention, health professionals would have been among the first people to suggest it to you & the product would not be hidden in a random internet store or beside a pack of multivitamins at your nearby grocery shop.

Created from natural ingredients

Simply because you see a label that mentions natural ingredients on it doesn’t make the product a safer option. In fact, experts say that some of the products that claim to offer all-natural ingredients actually contained components of prescription drugs or other unproven constituents.

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