How to Stay Safe in Summer if You’re a Senior?

How to Stay Safe in Summer if You’re a Senior?

Each year, almost 200 adults die in the US alone due to complications resulted from humidity and heat in summer. Among the biggest reasons for this are the physical changes which occur in your body with age. For instance, reduced sweating could make it tough for your body to stabilize internal heat. Other elements include chronic disorders as well as side effects due to certain medicines. Also, it becomes a major task for you to recognize whether you’re thirsty or not with the rising age. This increases your odds of suffering from dehydration besides other symptoms associated with the summer heat.

Hot Weather Safety Tips for Older Adults:

1. Be flexible in regards to the time you go out. Avoid going out if youexperience too much heat. If you’re able to go outside during early morning orwhen the sun is setting, it could make a huge impact in terms of the heat youexperience from the sun. Supplement plans from Mutual of Omaha and other carriers are found at

2. Ensure that you are drinking lots of cool liquids. However, you needto avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol and replace it with fresh fruitjuices or lemon. If you see your urine becoming too dark, it could indicatethat you need to increase the intake of fluids in your body.  3. Wear loose clothes that are light colored, & a broad brimmed hat in order to stay cool & protect your body from sunburns.

4. A sunscreen having an SPF level of 15 can also be effective inreducing the impact of radiation on your body. Be sure it apply it multipletimes throughout the day.  5. Take a cool water bath & shower if you feel like your body isgetting too warm. In case you are short of time, then consider a brief spongebath.  6. Use the air conditioning system to your advantage in case you haveone. When outside, consider taking short intervals by sitting in regions thatare shaded by trees.  About Medigap coverage for elderly folks:

If you’re enrolled in a Medicare policy, you’re likely to enjoy a number of benefits when it comes to healthcare. Still, there are certain costs which the Medicare program doesn’t cover like deductible, co-pay & co-insurance. To cover these, Medicare supplement plans offered by private insurance carriers could prove quite helpful since they’re able to cover most of these costs for a fixed monthly premium.



As a senior, it is veryimportant to manage your finances to make sure that you are able to enjoy thebenefits that come with the same. Finances are not only inclusive of cash butalso to the wealth that one has accumulated over the years. Visit here for a supplement quote

One of the benefits of managing your finances as a senior is to ensure that you are able to reduce your dependability to your children, relatives and from government funds. Most senior citizens fail to manage their cash and wealth and they end up becoming a burden to others. In order to avoid this, you should make sure that you budget for your finances and continue to accumulate more wealth.

Managing your finances as a senior will also ensure that you have enough money to cater for the heath issues that may arise. Most of the seniors face the risk of having old age illnesses that may end up incurring a lot of costs. To avoid having situations where you may get to have medical bills that you cannot pay for, it is important to manage your funds so as to pay for the bills that may be left over by insurance covers. Some insurance covers also do not pay bills for senior citizens and it is hence important to have your own funds to cater for the medical bills.

As a senior, one is either retired or facing retirement in the near future. Managing finances at this age is hence critical to ensure that you do not lack funds if you are no longer employed. One should make sure that they are able to manage their finances so that they may be able to pay for the bills that they previously were paying for and not incur numerous debts.

Another benefit of managing finances as a senior citizen is that you will be able to avoid succumbing into illnesses such as depression or stress. With no source of income that has been brought about by retirement, it may be difficult to pay your bills of you do not have the knowledge of how to better handle your cash. Failure to pay bills on time and accumulating debts may lead to one having stress related illnesses which may have later devastating effects. As a senior, it may be difficult to handle too much stress as it results to increased risk of having conditions such as high blood pressure or heart attacks.



Managing finances as asenior citizen is very essential. This is because there are a lot of benefitsthat one can accumulate form the same. However, most senior citizens lack theknowledge of how to manage their finances better to make sure that they do notremain dependant on others.  One of the ways of managing finances is making sure that you spend as little as you can. If you do not have a business, it may mean that you do not have a different source of income apart from your savings or maybe your pension fund. You should therefore ensure that you do not spend your money on buying things that you may not need. You should ensure that you only spend on the most important things such as basic bills.

One can also manage theirfinances by starting a small business that will help them accumulate moreincome. This will ensure that they are able to continue earning money evenafter their retirement. However, you should make sure that you start a businessthat you will be able to manage to ensure that you are able to reap the fullbenefits and that you do not accumulate losses due to poor management.  Another way of managingfinances is ensuring that you follow healthy lifestyle tips to ensure that youdo not accumulate a lot of medical bills. This is by ensuring that you areeating healthy, exercising and not partaking in unhealthy activities likeeating a lot of junk food or intaking drugs and alcohol. With a healthylifestyle, you will be able to reduce on some of the medical bills that oneaccumulates due to old age illnesses. Go to get information on supplement plans.

One can also manage their finances by involving their loved ones in the process. This includes their family and their dependants. One cans do this by first ensuring that they seek their advice if they are not sure of how they can manage their finances better. Once they involve them, they will be assured that they are not making wrong choices when spending their money. They can also train their dependants on how to better manage their wealth which includes businesses if they are unable to do so. This will ensure that their family and successors will not mismanage their wealth which may result into them losing all their wealth which may affect their retirement years.

What Does A Medicare advantage 2020 Policy Insure?

What Does A Medicare advantage 2020 Policy Insure?

A Medicare supplement plan, alsocalled Medicare advantage 2020 policy, functions essentially an insuranceprogram meant to complement Medicare plan. You must register for Part A andPart B to sign up for a Medicare supplement policy. Find out more about 2020 medicare advantage plans here

Traditional Medicare includes four parts. Now, Part A is a hospitalization insurance policy with a deductible of $ 1,156.00 in 2012. Part B is a health insurance policy with a deductible of $ 140.00 for 2012. Part C is known as Medicare policy name. . Medicare Advantage policies replace the traditional Medicare insurance. These include hospital insurance, medical insurance, and some policies include prescription drugs. Part D deals with prescription drugs. If your Part C policy does not insure prescription drugs, you can subscribe to Part D.

If you select to keep OriginalMedicare (i.e. Parts A and B), many of your expenses will be managed throughthe existence of a Medicare Supplemental Policy. Currently, Medicare supplements can beselected from policies A, B, C, D, F (i.e. highly deductible), G, K, L, M andN. All the policies require a premium and some, the payment of deductiblesbefore the coverage. According to the policy, each of the services listed below is insured in whole or in part:

• Health insurance, Part A, co insurance and hospitalization costs up to 365 days after Medicare benefits

• Co insurance or Excess Medicare Part B

• Blood (the first 3 pints)

• Part A Co insurance or co payment for palliative care

• Specialized co insurance coverage

• Medicare part A deductible

• Medicare Part B deductible

• Part B Surplus Medicare

• Emergency international travel.

The official insurance of the policyfor each benefit is provided in Medicare’s official publication, selecting a Medicareadvantage 2020 Policy: A Medicare Guide for People Benefiting from Medicare. All public health care policies must comply with federal and state laws and must be identified as Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Insurance firms can only sell standard plans. In other words, everyone should offer the same basic benefits, but some policies offer additional benefits so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Generally speaking, the onlydifference between policies is the price. It is therefore interesting tocompare apples with oranges with oranges from different insurance firms whenyou buy a specific policy. Current Medicare supplement policies do not insure prescription drugs. To qualify for this insurance, you must enroll in Part D by speaking with Medicare or via the Medicare website page during open enrollment phase.

Policies E, H, I and J wereinterrupted. If you currently have one of these policies, you can keep it, butif you change policies, you will not be able to receive any. Medicare supplements vary in what they insure and what they cost. If you have challenges in paying your health expenses, you need to make sure you do not pay money for your supplemental policy. You want to make sure that the policy you choose is practical. There are many Medicare policies for people who have difficulty paying their medical bills or if you have medical expenses that Medicare does not insure.



One of the challengesthat senior citizens face is that they are either retired or they face the riskof being retired in a few years. As a result of this, it is difficult forseniors to have sources of income once they cease being employed. There are howevernumerous ways that these people can earn income even after retiring. Enroll here  for a supplement plan.

One of the most common ways is starting small and manageable businesses. It may be difficult for a senior to start a business at their age as they may consider managing a business being a difficult task that they cannot handle. There are however some types of businesses that are not too technical or too involving that they can take part in. With a business that is running and accumulating profits, one will be able to have sources of income that they will use to pay their bills and live by.

Another source of income to seniors is investing in different ventures. Investing can be in different forms which may range from buying and selling shares and buying property and selling it if it appreciates in value. Investing may take a lot of time in order for one to accumulate returns but the returns are usually very high. Investing is also a source of income that one does not have to put too much effort in but they just place their money and expect to earn returns. This makes it a very efficient source of income.

Pension funds and retirement benefits are a major source of income for senior citizens. This is the money that one gets paid after they have retired. With pension funds, seniors get a lot of money that they can use throughout their retirement years. There are pension funds that are paid in ransom and they are those that are paid periodically. For those paid in ransom, it is important to ensure that you manage the money well to ensure that it lasts as long as it can. The periodic retirement benefit payments should also be used well and this can be done by saving to ensure that you have emergency funds that one can use in certain situations.

Freelancing is also a source of income for senior citizens who have retired. They may take part in doing online jobs in their previous areas of profession. They can do this at the comfort of their own homes and this makes it a manageable job.

Health Scams and How to Spot Them

Health Scams and How to Spot Them

In addition to wasting your hard earned money, health scams may also result in serious health concerns.

More often than not, these type of scams make unrealistic claims in regards to treating or curing:

Poor sex drive

Loss of memory


Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart ailments, arthritis or Alzheimer’s

As a senior, you need to be aware of:

Products that are a one-stop shop

Normally, these type of products claim to treat variousconditions or diseases. For instance, a company may market their product sayingit can effectively cure brain atrophy, kidney dysfunction, senile dementia,depression, gangrene, etc. to the public. However, often such claims are nomore than just a hype in order to increase the value of their product in themarket. Find supplement plan quotes at

Products using personal, or vague testimonials

Testimonials that are non-specific such as “It completelytreated my arthritis pain” can be easily identified as fake since you actuallycannot verify any of such claims. Products which claim to offer a miracle or overnight cure

You must have already seen products which claim “shed 1 pound each day,” however the fact is that not many disorders can be cured rapidly. As per the Food and Drug Administration, you must stay alert if you see or hear any of these claims:

Scientific breakthrough

Secret or Unknown ingredient

New discovery

Obviously, if an effective cure for diseases like Alzheimer’s or cancer was discovered by the scientists, all major media houses across the globe would have reported it. Not to mention, health professionals would have been among the first people to suggest it to you & the product would not be hidden in a random internet store or beside a pack of multivitamins at your nearby grocery shop.

Created from natural ingredients

Simply because you see a label that mentions natural ingredients on it doesn’t make the product a safer option. In fact, experts say that some of the products that claim to offer all-natural ingredients actually contained components of prescription drugs or other unproven constituents.

About Medigap plans for elderly:

Elderly people over the age of 65 can consider Medicare supplement plans for covering expenses not included with Traditional Medicare like co-pay, co-insurance & deductible. For more information, you can discuss them with your local insurance adviser.

Housekeeping Services and their Benefits for the Elderly

Housekeeping Services and their Benefits for the Elderly

With age, it becomes challenging to carry out day to day tasks which also includes housekeeping. Balance issues, chronic illnesses, weakened muscles etc. are likely to derail even your best attempts to ensure your house stays clean and tidy. One of the easiest solutions to this issue is to appoint a company which provides housekeeping services for senior citizens.

Retain Privacy & Dignity

Simply because you’re older & are unable to maintain your house like before does not mean that you do not wish to live in a clean house. Since asking for an assistance from others affects the pride of a few people, they hardly do it which further builds up the mess in their house.

If you’re facing trouble while trying to clean up yourhouse, appointing a housekeeping company to do this job for you can help youmaintain your privacy & dignity. With a housekeeping service, you’re able to work out a flexible schedule which details all the stuff that you want your carer to do. Popular options in regards to housekeeping services comprise vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning windows, laundry, making beds and bathroom cleaning.

Food and Meal Preparation

Another popular service that is provided by housekeepingcompanies is the preparation of food. In case you’re suffering from issues suchas chronic fatigue, memory problems, or are finding it difficult to stand forlong periods, then this service may prove beneficial to you.  Using this service, you are able to create a menu plan whicha housekeeper can prepare for you during their stay or you could even ask themto create freezer meals which can be easily heated for the rest of the week.Preparation of food is an add-on service offered by housekeeping companies, nevertheless,it is certainly the one which is highly appreciated by seniors. Visit here to get a quote for supplement quotes

Pet Care

Pet care might be another service you might require if you are sick or other aging problems. Most seniors enjoy being in the company of a pet since they offer great companionship. Nevertheless, caring for your pets may become a challenging task. With a housekeeper, you can be assured that your pet will receive a good care during their visits.

Are home care services covered under Medicare?

Neither Medicare nor Medicare supplement plans cover non-medical services related to personal home assistance including housekeeping services. Medicare normally pays for your entire skilled nursing & therapy care services eligible for the coverage in addition to 80 percent of the approved sum for DME or durable-medical-equipment.

How Age Affects the Functioning of your Brain?

How Age Affects the Functioning of your Brain?

As we grow older and older, our brains start shrinking andbecoming smaller and smaller. Since we’re losing primarily water weight, thebrain starts getting drier, something which is hard to address by drinking anadequate amount of water or residing in cooler surroundings.  Aging is associated with specific cells as well as molecules in the brain ‘dying’ or losing their effectiveness. This process is called as senescence.

Older individuals require stronger light for reading something, bigger pressure to acquire a sense of touch, louder volume for hearing the music, and stronger taste for enjoying a glass of wine. Also,tastes that are fruity and sweet are likely to be the most vulnerable where as spicy or musky odors can be relatively stable.  As we grow older and older, we become susceptible to diseases like diabetes. Obesity is another important factor which can affect how various hormones function in our body. In the event your brain grows older as compared to your actual age, then it could be an indication of a serious disorder.

Seniors, as we all know, face the greatest risk of issueslike memory loss. However, if the condition grows too severe, it might lead towhat is known as Alzheimer’s disease. One major cause of Alzheimer’s disease isthat the plaque steadily starts developing in the extra-cellular areas ofcerebral cortex, hippocampus, & other similar areas in your brain.  It’s tough initially to diagnose minor memory lapse & the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Development is still being made in various brain scan methodologies but sadly, even today, no medication or treatment procedure has been able to completely reverse the condition after it is diagnosed.

Naturally, consumption of a nutritious diet can play asignificant part in preventing the failure of your brain or the development ofany major illness. Since there are hardly permanent remedies for mentaldisorders, the lone option we have is following health guidelines to ensuremental fitness, remain physically active via workouts, & reduce the intakeof alcohol from our daily routine.  About Medigap Plans for Senior Citizens:

Medicare advantage plans aim to minimize the gaps presentwithin Traditional Part A and Part B Medicare. Thus, we highly suggest youcheck them out if you’re finding it challenging to fulfill your healthcareneeds using a standalone Medicare policy.

High Blood Pressure Issues among Seniors

High Blood Pressure Issues among Seniors

People with a reading of 120/80 are considered to have a normal bloodpressure. Hypertension or High blood pressure occurs when the reading reaches140/90.  Since hypertension may cause severe health issues, it must be addressed right away, even in case you do not see any major changes in your health. ifnot treated in time, hypertension might lead to conditions like stroke, heart disease, eye issues, kidney problem, etc.

Hence, while communicating with your physician about it, be sure todiscuss things like your eating and drinking habits, whether you smoke or not,the medications you take daily, your workout routine if any, etc.  Experts have different opinions of whether medicines must be used inorder to lower the blood pressure to normal levels in seniors because ittypically requires the use of several drugs. The drugs might at times affectother medicines and also result in dizziness. Dizziness greatly increases theodds of falls among senior citizens. Stop by this site to get information on medicare advantage plans

On contrary, individuals who’ve higher readings may face an increasedprobability of life-threatening disorders.  Managing Hypertension in Seniors:

Thanks to a number of advances in the medical industry, it is possibleto effectively manage your blood pressure levels so that they stay at theoptimum level. Certain changes in lifestyle which could help minimize the riskfor high blood pressure include following a healthy lifestyle by exercising ona regular basis, eating a balanced diet including less salt, avoidingover-consumption of alcohol, getting adequate sleep each night, doing yoga tomanage your stress levels and quitting smoking.  If you are presently being treated for high blood pressure, avoid discontinuing any medicines without approval from your physician.

High Blood Pressure and Medicare:

Seniors might be covered under Basic Part A & Part B Medicare for any medications that are medically essential and recommended by the doctor along with any inpatient, or outpatient care at the hospital that accepts Medicare enrollees. Part B may also cover some tests for diagnosing the issue, along with health screenings (coinsurance, deductibles and copayments might be applicable unless you have Medicare supplement plans).